I’m going to introduce you to my ADD right off the bat, because I thought about starting this paragraph with “Did you ever wonder where the phrase ‘once upon a time’ originated?” and I almost actually went to research it, which would have meant this post would have gone up… eventually. Tomorrow, next week, in a year from now, who knows? So yeah, I backed away from THAT rabbit hole right quick!

So, anyway, I’m Jen. The short version is that I once said I would make a great motivational speaker once I lost weight, got out of debt, cleaned and decluttered my apartment, and learned how to cook. Since then, I got laid off from the job I’d had, which means I’m no closer to being invited to the next Living Your Best Life tour.

More? Besides being ADD, I’m female, Unitarian Universalist, mostly theist as long as I don’t think too hard about it, in my forties, married to a guy, and I currently have really short, pink hair. “She” and “her” are my preferred pronouns. I’m also an improviser, active in my congregation, addicted to my smartphone, multicraftual, Evernote evangelist, in love with my slow cooker, and not a mom. I struggle with depression and anxiety along with the ADD, and they sometimes compete for supremacy. Mostly it just means that there are days where I want a fucking trophy for getting out of bed. Oh, I curse occasionally, too. More often when technology or bad design is involved. I spend far too much time at thrift stores and my new passion, creative reuse stores, but I do love searching for treasures almost as much as finding them. I’m pretty opinionated about a bunch of things, but I try to keep an open mind, too. I keep threatening to open an Etsy shop, and one of these days I will.

Welcome, and stick around. I’m not so much a lifestyle blogger as a life living blogger. You probably won’t be interested in everything I talk about, but I’ll try to tag the hell out of stuff to help you out. Can you believe I never went into sales?